Busy, Busy, Busy!

2019 proved to be one of those extremely busy years with so much going on that I didn’t even have time to update my blog!

Playscripts seemed to dominate the agenda & I had a fun time working with community actors and Odd Productions Theatre Company to produce my short play, “First Steps,” as part of “Unveiled Secrets.” Together with Oliver Eade’s plays, the theme of four plays, four women, four secrets proved a great success, touring to sell-out audiences at the Eastgate Theatre, Peebles; MacArts, Galashiels; Carlops Village Hall and the County Hotel, Selkirk.

For me, it was a great privilege to sit behind the scenes and see how a play comes together in terms of rehearsals, props, costumes, re-writes, lighting and sound. It was a great experience, including the time I was roped in to be responsible for the lighting, which I thoroughly enjoyed! Thanks to all those who made the project possible and a great success.

As a founding member of Borders Pub Theatre I also found myself writing 10 minute playscripts for events in the County Hotel, Selkirk and Cornucopia, Hawick on the themes of “In the Beginning,” and “Take Two.” Watch out for a James Hogg themed Borders Pub Theatre coming to Duns PlayFest during the week of 2nd to 9th May 2020! Two of my scripts were performed, script-in-hand at the inaugural Duns PlayFest in 2019 – a week-long event of plays and everything to do with theatre!

All in all 2019 was a fun year of writing scripts and working with actors and directors. It was, for me, also a steep learning curve about theatre and the way it works!

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