How to write a 45-minute play!

I was delighted to be selected to the Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland Borders Mentoring Scheme in July 2017 (see here). Ten of us are now working with Associate Playwright Jules Horne to develop our first 45-minute theatre piece for two to three actors. It’s proving an inspiring but challenging task!!

So far we’ve explored issues such as the journey and transformation, characters and conflict and the big question, which seems to drive all narratives: what does your character want? Easier asked than answered!!

We were privileged in August to meet Frances Poet, the author of Adam which won a Fringe First during the Edinburgh Festival this year and which you can see a trailer of here. Frances gave us a run-down on how her journey into theatre began and how she came to write Adam. It made the play all the more poignant when we saw it.

Looking forward to September’s workshop which will be all about dialogue and voice. “I cannae wait!”

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